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River Crossing

River Crossing

Place– Haryana

Best Time for River Crossing– October to March

Marked for impressive traditional and cultural heritage, Haryana is an amazing location for tourists to visit in India. From the great monument, historically significant places and extremely beautiful natural surroundings, the place has a lot to offer to the tourists. The place has a great way of making you feel special. The state includes some of the well known cities and towns having their own specialties and important place. Exploring the stunning aspects of Haryana is a great experience. Apart from that, the growth and the development have also made its wide reach to the state and making great changes keeping the comfort of tourists in mind. Other than Nature walks and looking out for the stunning places in Haryana, tourists who like to indulge in some adventure sport can also try their hand on the activities which fascinates them the most. The adventure sports activities in Haryana include trekking, rock climbing cross country cycling, river rafting, river crossing and lot more.

River Crossing– An Extreme Adventure

River crossing is an adventures plus a very exhilarant sport. It is just like having fun on a troll. Haryana has a lot of water bodies, including rivers. Ghaggar River and Damdama Lake are the major attractions in Haryana, practicing the same sport. Nowadays, Haryana receives a lot more tourists who likes and want to indulge in various adventurous activities. It includes the youths, children and even the old ones for some of the sports. Crossing a river on foot is rather easy, but when it comes to have adventure there is always a risk. Here in river crossing you have to cross a river hanging down on a rope in the air. With the help of your hands, you need to troll down on the rope from one end of the river to the other. Travelling on rope with the rover beneath is really very thrilling and it feels great. One should go for it once in a life, and Haryana is the best place to go for it!!

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