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Travel Insurance

Be it your long drawn vacation, a business trip or you planning to study abroad, no matter what is the basis, traveling abroad is wholesome of excitement. With all fun and enthusiasm, it is mandatory to be responsible as to make your journey safe and sound. Everyone desires to travel but without this package worries and it is the quality of effective travel insurance. Mishap is uncertain and can happen to anyone and anywhere. However, with insurance in hand will always take care of your bills, no matter if it is concerning medications or some tangible loss.

A travel insurance policy is possibly the best way to protect you against medical costs through illness or injury, against theft or loss of possessions and other accidents that may occur during your domestic/international / travels. Attractive plans for student travel are also available.

Trip Interruption Insurance:
covers you during your trip. If an injury, illness or other event prevents you from continuing a trip you have started, trip interruption coverage will reimburse you for expenses you incur because of it. Some policies also reimburse you for any unused prepaid expenses.

Trip Cancellation Insurance:
There are three major types of trip-cancellation insurance, one is in the event that you pre-pay for a cruise or tour that cancels, and you cannot get your money back. The second when you or someone in your family gets sick or dies and you cannot travel (but beware that you are not covering your per-existing condition). The third one is when the bad weather makes travel impossible.
Trip cancellation insurance covers you for the period before you travel!

Lost-Luggage Insurance:
In this , insurance company pays you money for the baggage lost during traveling. You will only be reimbursed for what you have lost nothing else.

Calculation of Travel Insurance Amount/Premium:
The amount of premium to be paid for travel insurance cover depends on a number of factors like, the numbers of days of travel, whether traveling in domestic country or overseas. No matter, if a single person is insured or if he has taken a family plan, the higher amount will ensure a higher coverage.

Travel Insurance Claim Procedure:
The insured must submit the duly filled claim forms along with the original ticket or boarding pass or copy of the passport showing the travel dates and original bills / vouchers. Companies take 7-21 days for processing the claims.

We, at Journeyfix Travels offer a comfortable and a convenient way to travel across the world. So hurry up, pack your bags for this holiday and have travel insurance with us, as we will make your journey absolutely memorable and carefree.

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