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Foreign Currency & Cards

Currency is the most essential part of any journey as it only makes you decide where and how to travel. We offer tips of when is the best to change your money, a foreign currency converter and other tips.
Do not pitch your cash away with a poor exchange rate – maximize your holiday spending money by getting the best deal on foreign exchange. We at Journeyfix Travels can help you save your money and increase you account balance.
Foreign currency or traveler’s cheques? Debit cards or credit cards? Or how about prepaid cards? There are many options when taking a holiday abroad. The Travel Currency Card allows you to have a 24-hour assessment of your money.
We aim to make you travel abroad comfortably, making your journey an unforgettable experience. With us, your travel Currency Card is a secure, convenient making, your journey without botheration and can easily make payments, when in foreign shores. You can easily withdraw funds in the local currency from any Visa or Visa plus ATMs (Automated Teller Machine) as well as can pay for anything in any country you visit across the world.
If you are looking for the best travel assistance like foreign currency needs, exchange or other currency needs, without any hassles in the immigration paperwork, do contact us right away.
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