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Rock Climbing Gujarat

Rock Climbing Gujarat

Place– Gujarat

Best time for Rock Climbing– October to March

Gujarat is an important state in the west of India. It is one of the most cultural and traditional place in the country. The rich heritage of the state makes it an amazing place to be visited by large number of tourists from all over the country. There are various places to visit for tourists in Gujarat. With the immense historical significance, the state has a lot to offer you. Gandhi ashram being one of the major tourist destinations in Gujarat attracts people from all over the world. Adventure enthusiasts will have great time at the place as the star promotes some of the great aero sports including rock climbing, trekking, and paragliding. Gujarat also enjoys the privilege of situated around an extensive coastline and offer tourist the option of getting their hand on different water sports.

Talking about rock climbing, it is an amazing adventure sport that will add great thrill in your trip to the state. Pawagadh, Junagadh, and Taranga are the perfect areas for rock climbing activities. Rock climbing requires strength, concentration and coordination as well as the combination of skill and technique. For the sport it is important for the enthusiasts to be mental and physically fit. You can also hire a guide to train you for the sport before you go for it. One must carry all the important things such as water, cap and sun protection creams while going for the sport. The sport is practiced by all the tourists visiting Gujarat from all over the world. The sport offers great excitement and adds thrill to life.

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Rock Climbing Gujarat

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