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Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Place– Chhattisgarh

Best Time for Rock Climbing- October to March

Up, Close With Chhattisgarh!!
Chhattisgarh is the major Indian state with rich cultural diversity and attractive natural surroundings. Marked by the famous ancient monuments, rare wildlife, beautifully carved temples, amazing Buddhist sites, gorgeous palaces, mesmerizing waterfalls, old caves, rock paintings and hill plateaus, Chhattisgarh is an important tourist destinations in India. The state offers something for everyone. The place has got captivating landscapes and huge forest cover. The state is also listed as one of the major places of the country with rich bio-diversity.
Amrit Dhara Waterfall in Manendragarh, Gavar Ghat Waterfall in Koriya, Pamed Sanctury in Bastar, Ramdaha Waterfall in Manendragarh and Tirathgarh Waterfalls in Baster are some of the noticeable places to visit in Chhattisgarh. People can have great time travelling to this amazing place. Furthermore, Rajim, Champaranya, Dongargarh, Sheorinarayan, Girodhpuri, Dantewada, Ratanpur etc are the other pilgrim centers in Chhattisgarh.

Nonstop Adventure
Chhattisgarh is very well known for the adventure activities practiced here. Tourists can enjoy all of the modern adventure sports in Chhattisgarh such as water sports, trekking, rock climbing, parasailing and bungee jumping. Chhattisgarh is a nature’s paradise and is great place to witness some of the beautiful landscapes. Being available with good mountainous places, Chhattisgarh offers the fantastic rock climbing experience. You will have great time practicing the sport in such an amazing atmosphere. Chhattisgarh has an amazing charm to hold you for long. So, this time add more thrill to your visit to the state with the best of adventure sports option available for you. Make your holidays memorable for life time and enjoy rock climbing in Chhattisgarh.

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Rock Climbing

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