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Veeranam Lake

Veeranam Lake

Veeranam Lake has its all, in fact more than enough as with the heavy rains in the northern districts, the water level in the Veeranam Lake in Cuddalore district, a prime water source for Chennai. The lake is positioned just 14 km from Chidambaram which lies in the district of Cuddalore of the state of Tamil Nadu, which is a part of South India.

The lake stands as one of the water reservoirs from where water is supplied to Chennai. The lake draws water from the Cauvery River having a capacity to store about 1,465 mc ft of water. The Lake is just next to Senthathope having a distance of 1 km. It was constructed by the Chola kings, is the main reservoir to meet the drinking water requirements of Chennai city.

Being a part of Tamil Nadu state, Veeranam Lake and its division is stationed in the rain shadow area for the south west monsoons. It possesses sub tropical climate. Veeranam Tank lies near to the seashore at about 30km from Bay of Bengal.

The lake possesses hot water in the months of March to June, as experiences the temperature ranging from 30 to 38 C. mostly served by the North East Monsoon however its location which is hit by cyclones during South East Monsoon, resulting in heavy showers.

One of the prime sources of water for Chennai is now overflowing. To protect the banks and thwart the vast acres of crops in the tail-end of the delta region is swathing under sheets of water.

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