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Sulthan Bathery

Sulthan Bathery

Sulthan Bathery, originally recognized as Ganapativatom, is an old-fashioned yet attractive town in the district of Wayanad, Kerala. The place derived its name from Tipu Sulthan of Mysore, who invaded the region in the 18th century. Tipu Sulthan of Mysore invaded the region and made use of the Jain temple of the region as a battery.

During his invasion in 18th century, he also made an imposing fort here in the region known as Sultan Battery of Wayanad district. Though today there are no relics found in the place yet the spot is worth visiting and gains its importance with the famous Jain Temple.

This pictorial town is positioned at a height of about 1000 meters above MSL and is encircled with magnificent hills with the cliffs, gorges and plains in bits and pieces, intermingled with the hilly landscape.

The place unfolds the scenic beauty at a glimpse with its picturesque hills that render a numinous touch to the horizon. The population is assorted like that of its geographical features. The place possesses a huge population of tribal (Adivasis). The place is worth with its simplicity at its best.

Today Sulthan Bathery not only the largest town in the district of Wayanad but has also become the hub of all sightseeing and business activities in the district. The historic town is placed just close to the Kerala – Karnataka border. The primary occupation of the people is agriculture.

Sultan Battery is also popular for its excellent educational institutions like St. Marys College, St. Josephs English Medium school, Sarvajana School…to name a few. The place is famous for its pepper plantations. The place is located in such an area as it experiences a pleasant climate throughout the year, as it nestles only a few hundred meters above the sea level.

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