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St. Marys Basilica Church

St. Marys Basilica Church

St. Marys Basilica is a cathedral which is positioned in the province of Bangalore which stands as one of the major cities in the Indian state of Karnataka. The church was built by Ashok Ajith Kumar and stands as the oldest church in the city of Bangalore. The church also has recognition in the state that it has been put on a pedestal to the status of a minor basilica. The church is also well-known for their festivity which takes place in the month of September, when the grand St. Mary’s Feast is held. This is held annually and gathers a huge mass from in and around the city of Bangalore.

The church stands as a lotus amidst mud in regard of being a heavenly place in the midst of busy commercial area and this revered basilica is a gesture of praise to Bangalores acceptability value. This serene spot of haven and peace is placed in the midst of road which is encountered with raring to go motorists, roaming vendors, pestering beggars along with pedestrians in an uninterrupted hurry.

Presently this revered gothic church crafted in the shape of a cross had started out as a small hut with the roof made up of plants. It was in the 17th century and was known as the Chapel of Kanikkai Madha, Church of Our Lady of Presentation. It was well known among the Christians who visited this religious spot all the way from Ginjee, a small place in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is believed that these people came in search of the land to live on and cultivated white rice, thereafter they settled down here in the place and soon a village emerged which was named as Bili Akki Palli also known as Blackpalli.

As the cathedral is erected today on the street of the city of Bangalore, it is 172 ft long and 50 ft wide, with an elevating height of 160 ft. The church holds a 6 ft statue of Mother Mary embracing baby Jesus in her armrest.

Legends say that this cathedral was plundered and destroyed during the communal riots in the year 1832. After few years, the area was affected by an epidemic disease and the affected people were healed and attributed this miracle to Mother Mary, then called “Annai Arokiamarie” (Our Lady of Good Health).

Then in 1875, the church was constructed by Rev Fr Kleiner, which is there in the present shape. The entire church has been constructed in the Neo Gothic style and also stands as one of the largest Cathedrals in South Asia. The Neo Gothic style of architecture has been incorporated in cathedrals, abbeys and it gives a reflection of churches of Europe between the 12th and 16th centuries.

The church was consecrated on September 8, in the year 1882 by Monsignor Joannes Maria Y Coadou, priest apostolic of Mysore. Another subsequent high point in the church’s record happened in 1973 when it was raised to a Basilica and received special ceremonial rights by the Pope. This historic occurrence was formally proclaimed as on 26 January 1974 with a grand car procession carrying the Eucharist and is celebrated annually on the very day.

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