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Solar Observatory

Solar Observatory

Owned and operated by the Indian institute of astrophysics, solar observatory is located on the southern tip of the Palni hills which is 4kms from the town called Kodaikanal of Tamil Nadu state in India. Established in 1899 as a solar physics observatory, all the activities of the madras observatory were shifted to Kodaikanal. The highlight of the observatory is the 20 cm refractor which is used for studying cometary and for occultation observations. Apart from that, the museum is displayed with various pictorial along with a live solar image and Fraunhofer spectrum. Solar observatory is a great place to explore the vast collections on astronomic literature, Solar and Solar Terrestrial Physics.

The observatory also has a high frequency Doppler, radar, a Seismograph – an instrument for measuring special seismic waves caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and related activity and a GPS receiver. The observatory also houses a library which is known for its vast collections of books on astronomic literature, Solar and Solar Terrestrial Physics.

The solar observatory of kodaikanal is the most fascinating place to visit for all. The place offers both enjoyable and educative experience for all. To know more of this wonderful place visit solar observatory in kodaikanal of Tamil Nadu.

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