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Shekha Jheel

Shekha Jheel

Shekha Jheel is one of the famous lakes of Aligarh city in northern Uttar Pradesh state in India. One of the prime sources of water in the region, the Shekha Lake is situated 17 kms away from the main city center along with an irrigation canal. With extensive farmlands at one side of the lake and the migratory birds on the other, the lake looks superb and is one of the important tourist hotspots in Aligarh. The lake is rich with biodiversity and is inhabited by various birds. During winters, several nature experts and bird watchers visit the place to discover and study the various species of birds that are there in the world. Tourist visit the place to enjoy the great surrounding and nature’s immense pleasure at the place. Avail Shekha Jheel tour packages and know more of this wonderful place.

Besides that, different species of ducks, waders, terns and geese draw attention of the visitors to Shekha Jheel. Moving ahead, there are various other tourist attractions at Shekha Jheel. Kasganj-Atarauli Marg is the major district road which will lead you to this lake in Aligarh. You can travel this amazing destination via Shekha Jheel travel and tourism.

Shekha Jheel is definitely one of the best rejuvenating place in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, where you can visit during weekends to relax in the midst of nature and have the pleasure of beautiful birds sitting and playing in shining lake water.

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