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Sanghol Museum

Sanghol Museum

The Sanghol Museum is an Archaeological Museum in Sanghol, Punjab, India. The museum was established on 10 April, 1990 by the government of Punjab. It is displayed with the rich cultural heritage of the state. The place is beautifully exhibited with the archeological treasures belonging to this state. About 1500 ancient artifacts are displayed elaborately in the museum. Along with that, tourists will also witness the wide variety of antiques including pottery, coins, sealing, ivory, terracotta, sculptures, seals, carving, precious stones and other specimens of art.

The Sanghol Museum provides the chance to explore the ancient culture of Punjab through the Relics of Harappan civilization. The museum serves the best way of exploring the history of Punjab. Articles belonging to Sanghas, Mauryas, Guptas and Muslims are there in the museum. The place is well maintained by the archeological survey of India and is one of the major hotspot for tourists. The museum is best to be visited by the people who want to explore the ancient civilization of India. Apart from that, art lovers and historians will love to visit the Sanghol museum again and again.

To know more of the Sanghol museum, visit the place and have a nice time witnessing the exceptional articles representing the culture of India.

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