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Sanchi Stupas

Sanchi Stupas

The magnificent Stupa constructed by Ashoka at Sanchi is the focal point of a 91 m high turf which is covered and is flanked by the majestic hills which can be specked with the lush green groves and marks an important milestone in the evolution of the Indian Architecture.

The great Stupa stands as the oldest stone structure in the history of India and is better known for its scriptures. The construction of this structure was commissioned by the emperor, Ashoka the Great in the 3rd century BCE. The base of the Stupa was the hemispherical brick structure, which was constructed over the remains of Gautam Buddha.

The structure has been crowned with the Chatra, an umbrella-like thing, which represents the person sitting under the shade of it is of higher rank, who used to be intended to honor and conserve the remnants. There are four carved bejeweled gateways along with a railing which encircles the whole structure of it.

The four Toranas around the Stupa represents love, peace, trust and courage. The spot has been enlisted in the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The visiting time of the Buddhist pilgrimage is from 8 AM till 5 PM.

The Stupa here in the heart of India stands as the second largest of its kind after the Stupa, which is constructed in Amravati. The lotus in the Stupa embodies the rise of people from the mud of materialism and heading towards the authenticity and spirituality of life. Likewise, the spirit of a female tree, which is shown in the gateways, represents fertility.

This worldwide famous destination has various attractions such as the Stupas, the gateways, the Ashoka Pillar and the Sanchi Museum. The lion-like Sarnath that is created on the Ahoka Pillar is a perfect paradigm of Greco-Buddhist Style and the museum which is popularly known as the Sanchi Museum houses Ashoka Pillar and other articles found in the area that are related to the monks of Sanchi.

Sanchi can easily be reached as it is placed in the Central India, Madhya Pradesh. You can reach Bhopal by all means of transport, making its quite convenient to reach at the destination. The best months to visit Sanchi are from November to February.

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