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Sagar stands as a city in the state of Madhya Pradesh, which is the heart of incredible India. The city has a quaint location in the midst of the Vindhya Range, which stands at an elevation of about 1,758 ft above the sea level. The city is nestled in the plains which have been broken by the afforested hills and is watered by the Sonar River.

The former name of the city is ‘Saugor’ and is an amalgamation of ‘Sau’, which means 100 and ‘Garh’, which defines fort, for the fact that there were several forts in the region.  Then with course of time, the name of the city changed from Saugor to Sagar.

The origin of the city dates back to the period of Marathas and was established as the capital in the year 1735 and later became an important site during the British Rule. There are remains of the past such as  a number of forts, which mark clear evidences of those periods. The city is also acknowledged as the Lake City as it is flanked by a splendid lake called as Lakhs Banjara Lake.

According to another story, the city of Sagar was discovered by Udan Singh in the year 1660 and in the year 1867, it was constituted as a municipality. Sagar travel and tourism is a popular among the Indian and foreign tourists alike and for that the Sagar tour packages are a perfect way of exploring the splendor of the destination in Central India.

General facts about Sagar
Location: Central India
State: Madhya Pradesh
Altitude: 1, 758 m
Language: English and Hindi
Climate: Tropical and Humid
Major Attractions: Rahatgarh Waterfalls, Garhphra Temples, Khimlasa Forts
Ideal Time to Visit: November to February

Tourist sightseeing in Sagar
The famous places to visit in the city are Rahatgarh Waterfalls, Garhphra Temples, Khimlasa Forts etc. Other attractions in the city are Varun Smriti Udhyaan, Varadamoola, Bandhavgarh National Park, various beautiful lakes and much more.

Climate of Sagar
The climate of Sagar is typical tropical type and has humid summers with pleasant winters. Here, summers starts from the month of March, which soars to severe heights. On the arrival of the monsoon season in the month of June, the town gets a sigh of relief, which lasts till the month of September. Winters here in the state are quite pleasant to bear. In fact, the best time to pay a visit to the town is in the months from November till February.

How to reach Sagar

Sagar by Air: The nearest airports are at Jabalpur and Khajuraho. Both the airports are situated at a distance of about 180 to 200 km from the city of lake, Sagar. The airways connect the city to the rest of the country.

Sagar by Rail: The Sagar Railway Station is the main railway station of the city which connects the city with the outer world. The other nearest railheads to the city are Harpalpur, which is 94 km away and Mahoba is at a distance of 61 km away.

Sagar by Road: The city is well connected with the cities in the state and other neighboring cities of the country.

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