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Rajsamand Lake

Rajsamand Lake

Rajsamand Lake is one of the famous Lakes in Udaipur lies in the western Indian state of Rajasthan. The lake is situated in a small town of Udaipur Rajasthan with the same name, Rajsamand. Built in 17th century, the lake is spread in an area of 196 sq mi (510 km2). The lake was founded by the Maharana Raj Singh I in between 1662 and 1676 AD. The major source of water for the lake is Gomti Lake. Rajsamand Lake travel and tourism will let you explore more of this wonderful place.

Rajsamand was initially built to relief victims of a widespread drought and famine (1661), and to provide canal irrigation to local farmers. The lake is further available with a dam that was built in 17th century. At the end of the lake is a huge embankment too which is made up of white marble. One can also find the five toranas (weighing arches) at the lake, where Maharana Raj Singh and his descendants used to organize the event of Tuladan according to which Kings used to weigh themselves in gold and then distributed it amongst the Brahmans. Rajsamand Lake tour package is one of the great options of visiting such an amazing place.

Apart from that, there are nine pavilions or Nauchowki on the embankment of the lakethat was constructed by Maharana Raj Singh. The pavilions are all carved very beautifully and are engraved with the pictures of the Sun, chariots, Gods, birds and wonderful carvings. Other than that, there is “Raj Prasati” where the history of Mewar is inscribed in 1017 stanzas and on twenty seven marble slabs. There are various other interesting tourists attractions at Rajsamand Lake.

At the time of sunset, the water in the lake looks very beautiful. Take out some time to spend some of the serene moments around the Lake while travelling in the city. One can relieve all stress and tension through sitting around the Rajsamand Lake in the pleasant environment. Also, there are various other interesting places to visit around Rajsamand Lake.

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