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Pushkaram of Godavari

Pushkaram of Godavari

The holy festival of Godavari Pushkaram takes place once in every twelve years on the banks of each of the 12 major rivers, the Godavari being one among them and at the other rivers lying in Andhra Pradesh are Krishna and Pennar.

Scientifically, it is believed that on every 12th year the planet Jupiter completes its circle of constellation Leo, which marks the holy happening of the Pushkaram of Godavari. It is also believed that during this period all the deities with the holy men and take a holy dip in the sacred river.

There is also a belief that the rituals like ‘snana’ (bath), ‘dana’ (charity), ‘japa’ (recitation), ‘archana’ (worship) and ‘dhyana’ (meditation), are performed during Pushkaram and these ceremonies bless and purify the people.

On this day, people from across the globe gathers on the banks of the immortal river Godavari to perform this revered ceremony of Hindus by taking a holy dip here, which is believed to be a way of washing away the sins from the souls of individuals. Some people perform this ritual before the sunrise and along with it there are other ceremonies rituals that are performed by the people. Following these rituals prayers are offered to the deities in the nearby temples.

Also, there are various cultural programs that are organized in order to celebrate this revered festival of Hindus. The festival also paves a way to the nearby to earn some extra revenue and to turn pockets somewhat heavy by selling jewelry, sweets, decorative items etc.

“Rajahmundry” is the setting of Godavari Pushkaram and the last Godavari Pushkaram was held in the year 2003, from 30 July to 10 August.

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