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National Museum

National Museum

Situated in New Delhi, India, National museum is one of the major places to visit for all. The Museum hosts a vast collection of Indian bronzes, terracotta (2700 BC) and wood sculptures dating back to the Mauryan period (2nd-3rd century BC), various exhibits from the Vijayanagar period in south India, Mughal period, Indus Valley civilization, Greek influenced Gandhara period and Gupta period. The museum provide the overview of India’s last 5000 years through displaying the rare artifacts of the past relics from the Harappan Civilisation, Central Asian antiquities (including silk paintings from the 1st century AD) etc. Apart from that sacred Buddhist objects, jewel-bright miniature paintings, old coins (including Portuguese, Dutch and Danish), woodcarving, textiles, musical instruments, fearsome Mughal weaponry, Persian manuscripts and Indus jewellery made from shells and bones are the other interesting items that can be explored at the national Museum in New Delhi.

The museum provides a great time to witness the astounding artifacts from the past in New Delhi. Miniatures, mural paintings, costumes, arts, artifacts of various tribal people and precious jewellery heavily decorated with huge emeralds, diamonds and pearls from 2500 BC, bronze dancing statue from Mohenjodaro, wonderful collection of weapons, musical instruments, central Buddhist antiques and the autographed memories of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir are the other eye binding  items displayed at the National Museum.

History and art lovers can catch up to this place to explore the past of the country at the large scale.

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