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Nasik, also known as Nashik lies in the Indian state of Maharashtra in its northwest side. The city stands as the symbol of utmost divinity. The city with its divine trait, is crowned with many other titles such as the “Win Capital of India”, “Nassak Diamond”, Nappa Valley” and lots more.

The city is placed on the banks of the holy river Godavri, the city of Nasik fetches in the old and new, sacred and material and creates an amalgamation of the two. The city is erected at an altitude of about 565 m above the sea level and s sprawled over an area of 264.23 sq km. Nasik is also the third most industrialized city in the state of Maharashtra, first two being Mumbai and Pune.

The city enjoys the privilege of being one of the four most sacred and holies city in the country. It is believed that here in the city, the drops of nectar fell when demigods and demons fought over it. This sanctified city is enclosed by nine hills- Durga, Ganesh, chitraghanta, Pandav, Dinger Ali Mhasarul, Jogwanda, Pathanpura, and Konkani. Nasik got its fame in the mythological era and has carried out its appearance to the present epoch. The most famous and the great grand event of all the events on the land of India, prominently renowned as Maha Kumbhmela also take place in the very city. This event takes place in every 12 years, attracting plethora of people from all over the globe.

The important facet of Kumbh Mela is that the even show displays and gives evidence to the quote “unity in diversity”, which is exhibited on this sacred occasion. In the past two decades, the city with its tremendous growth in the industrial sector has made its mark as one of the important cities of the nation. Nasik travel and tourism is a popular among the Indian and foreign tourists alike and for that the Nasik tour packages are a perfect way of exploring the splendor of the destination in Western India.

General facts about Nasik
Location: Western India
Area: 264.23 sq km
Language: English, Hindi and Marathi
Climate: Tropical and moderate
Major Attractions: Lonavala, Khandala, Matheran, Panchgani
Ideal Time to Visit: September to April

Tourist sightseeing in Nasik
The land of temples has its major attractions the shows, events and places associated with the religious notions as the city is famous for its Kumbh Mela, Panchavati, Sita Gumpha, Sundarnarayan Temple, Modakeshwar Ganesh Temple, Ramkund, Kalaram Temple. The other excursions from the city of Nasik are Shirdi, Kapaleshwar Mandir, Someshwar, Wani.

Climate of Nasik
Located on the western coast the city of Nasik possesses an unpredictable kind of climate as the weather is extremely influenced by the presence of Arabian Sea. The weather is humid throughout the year. Here summers are really hot which are relieved in the month of June with the arrival of monsoons and it remains there till September. The best time to visit the city is in the month of September till March.

How to reach Nasik

Nasik by Air: The nearest airport is at Mumbai and Pune, each with a distance of 175 km.

Nasik by Rail: The city has its own railway station which stands as one of the major stations of the Central Railway connecting to the major cities of the country.

Nasik by Road: The city of Nasik has a broad road gauge, connecting to the major cities of the state as well as the cities of the neighboring states.

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