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Namdapha National Park

Namdapha National Park

Standing as a landmark at the eastern tip of India in the Changlang District of the northern state of Arunachal Pradesh Namdapha National Park and Tiger Reserve serves with true wilderness of the old world. The national park is blessed with verdant surroundings that add life to the natural beauty. This lush green forest is sprawled over an area of about 1983.23 sq km, which shares its boundaries with its neighboring country Muanmar and there lies a tumultuous river Nao-Dihing segregating the two countries. This national park was honored with a status of a tiger reserve in the year 1983.

Erected on a rugged terrain, the park stands out and boasts off for the range of variation in its altitude, which ranges from 200 m to 4,500 m above the sea level, amidst snow masked mountains. The reason for the variation is the increasing inhabitants in the national park which includes both flora and fauna.

This natural paradise has been categorized into different types of vegetation which includes tropical, temperate and alpine vegetation ranging from monsoons to the snow. The valley around is all covered with impenetrable tropical rain forests and north Indian tropical moist forests. The national park is blessed with the wealth of rich flora and fauna.

The rich biodiversity of flora and fauna in the park includes more than 150 timber species along with its endangered species which can only be found here in the national park such as Pinus Merkusi, Blue Vanda and Abies Delavavi. Here you will also find the most popular local medicinal plant which is used by the local tribes living here as a panacea of all the diseases, which is known as Mishimi Teeta.

Fauna in the park includes the habitats of diverse species of animals and birds. The park stands as the only place in the world for having the four Feline species of big cat namely the Tiger, Leopard Snow Leopard (Panthera Uncia) and Clouded Leopard and numbers of lesser cats. The species of monkeys present in the park includes Assamese Macaque, pig-tailed Macaque, stump-tailed Macaque and various Hoolock Gibbons, highly endangered and only Ape species that can be found in India resides in this impenetrable and untouched forest. Other important animals that are present in the park are the Elephants, Black Bear, Indian Bison and several species of deer, reptiles etc.

He species of Avi Fauna that can be found in the park includes the White winged Wood Ducks, the great Indian Hornbills, Jungle Fowls and Pheasants flop their noisy way through the jungle, attracts the other colorful bird and animal species to be a part of it.

The aloofness of most part of the park renders it a great help in keeping it in an unexplored and its natural form. It also stands as the land for the breeding of various species of animals and birds among the penetrating forests.

The best time to visit the Namdapha National Park is from December till March as during this time you can witness the maximum wildlife which includes both domestic habitants as well as the migratory ones.

The nearest airport and railhead to the park is Dibrugarh airport and Tinsukia railway station, respectively. You can also travel through bus as there are daily buses which run from Miao to Dibrugarh as Miao is the entry point for Namdapha and is just at a distance of about 160 km from the national park.

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