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Nal Sarovar

Nal Sarovar

Nal Sarovar is a beautiful splendid lake about 64 km towards western Ahmedabad near Sanand Village, in Gujarat state of India. It is the largest wetland in Gujarat and in India as well. The lake is well known for exhibiting the amazing view of large number of migrating birds during winters and spring. The wonderful lake attracts about 210 migrating birds from all around the world.

The lake covers the area of 123 km² and is rich with wide variety of flora and fauna.  The place is ideal for have the best bird watching experience of lifetime. The place features large number of migrating birds including Rosy Pelicans, Flamingoes, White Storks, Brahminy Ducks and Herons. Apart from that, there is also a chance of getting the sight of wild ass and the Blackbuck  at Nal Sarovar. The delighting view of such an amazing place will take your breath away. It is a must visit place for all. There are various other attractive places to visit near Nal Sarovar. Nal Sarovar travel and tourism is the great option to explore this wonderful place.

November and February are the months when you can find the variety of migratory birds. The best time to visit the lake is before sunrise when the lake is quite and birds used to wait for their food. The lake possesses the view that you will not be able to forget in your forget in your lifetime. There are many fabulous tourists attractions around Nal Sarovar that will be great for you to watch. The lake is only about 4 feet deep and allows you to enjoy boating in it. The place is great to feel rejuvenated from daily stressful life and will also create unforgettable memories for you. Nal Sarovar tour packages will let you explore the place at its best.

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