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Mouling National Park

Mouling National Park

Mouling National Park is situated in the north Eastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh and is spread over an area of around 483 sq km. the national park primarily takes the area of Upper Siang District along with some parts of West Siang and East Siang district. Established in 1972, the national park stands as the second national park created in the state, first being the Namdapha National Park. the park was honored with a status of a national park in the year 1986.

The national park took its name from the mountain peak which is named as Mouling Peak and is situated in a close proximity of the park. It is believed that the name Mouling is an Adi word which defines as the red poison or the red blood in the Adi lingo. This red poison or red blood is believed to the red latex of the trees which is found commonly in the area.

The national park is situated in the area of rocky terrain with an elevation that ranges about 750 to 3,046 m, which claims the highest point of the park, as the Mouling Peak. The river Siyom gushes along the western side of the national park and in its eastern fringe there are several streams named as Siring, Krobong, Semong and Subong, which further pours into the Siyom River.

Mouling National Park in Arunachal Pradesh also stands as one of the 18 biodiversity hotspots of the world. This national park which stands on the steep and roacky tland is also covered with lush green vegetation and is watered by as many as 13 streams which ultimately joins the River Siyom.

The fauna that can be witnessed here in the park includes Red Pandas, Deers, Hoolock Gibbons and Tigers. The other fauna found in the park are wild buffalo, panther, elephant, hog dear, barking deer, sambar, python etc. The avian species in the park includes different types of pheasants. The estimated number of the avian species discovered in the park ranges to about 114 birds of 38 different families.

The national park is truly a hotspot in the state for both nature lovers as well as the adventure seekers as along with its outstanding natural beauty the park also gives options for indulging in the activities like trekking and hiking.

The best time to visit Mouling National Park is between November and April. The nearest airport from Mouling is Dibrugarh Airport and the nearest railhead is Murkeongselek Railway Station.

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