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Nestled in the southern side of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, the Minicoy Island has a total population of 9495. The island is the farthest from the Kavaratti Beach and renders such an amazing view that one cannot just get his eyes off it.

Minicoy Island is a crescent shaped and is the second largest island, first being Andrott Island. The island is commonly known as the female island, the Minicoy Island boasts of rich historical legacies and cultural traditions. Minicoy Island is believed to be the descendants of the deep blue sea and the local population of the Minicoy Island mostly consists of the Muslim community, having their main language of Mahl. The main occupation of the people is fishing, which is usually done in the Arabian Sea and the occupation forms the backbone of the economy in the region.

The island is a vast reserve of the unique flora and fauna in the region. The northern extension of the Minicoy Island is called Viringili or the Small Pox Island. This part of the island derived the former name from the fact that once the patients affected by the deadly disease of small pox were given medical care in the very island of Viringili for restoring their health.

The island is all enveloped with natural picturesque beauty with the quaint scene of the villages which are governed by the strict administrative structure led by a Bodukaka (big brother) representing the men folk and a Bodudatha (big sister) representing the womenfolk of the region.

The main attraction of the island is its beach represented by the very own island’s name Minicoy. The Minicoy Beach offers various attractions such as lighthouse with a 300 ft tall, which is 1000 years-old light house painted in white, with its lantern roof in red. This gigantic composition was built in 1800 by the British government and it is still in working condition as it is used in directing the path to many ships and cruises. On the top of the Light house, one can enjoy the magnificent view of the Minicoy beach and its adjacent attractions.

There is also the famous lava dance along with the races that are held among neighborhood boats known as Jahadhoni. Minicoy beach is much more than just a beach. On an excursion to this beach, you will be presented with a glimpse of its rich culture through the performances of traditional dance and festival, making it an incredible experience!

One of the most admired attractions of the beach is the mirror-like inland lake, located in one corner of the island along with the bee-line coconut trees. The beach also provides opportunity for activities like water sports such as sailing, kayaking, water skiing, Canoeing, Snorkeling and paddle boats.

The best time to visit Minicoy is in the months of October to April. The nearest Airport to Minicoy beach is at Agatti and Bangaram. Regular flights are available connecting to the major cites of the country. Visitors from Mumbai can also avail cruises to reach at the desired beach.

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