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Masani Fair

Masani Fair

The Masani Fair is truly an exceptional religious fair, which is dedicated to Masani – the goddess of the small pox.  The Masani Mela also known as the Sheetla Mela is a festivity of Haryana and is held in one of major and fast developing cities of the state, Gurgaon. The fair is actually held in the suburbs of the city and is celebrated by the rural people.

The venue of the event is the temple of Shri Sheetla Mata, where flock of devotees assembles and offer prayers to the residing deity and ask blessing for protecting them from the dangerous disease. The fair also has an association with a legendary story.

As per the legend, once the village of Kespour had a temple of Masani Devi. It is believed that the goddess expressed the desire to a Singha in his dream, to leave Kesopur. She also expressed her wish to build one temple for her in the village in Gurgaon. Singha followed the orders in a prompt and today it stands there in well condition and has great importance.

The fair is annually celebrated in the month of April and witness people, especially women coming from near and far off places to seek the blessing for their loved ones.  During this time of year, the entire region indulges into the festive mood. The fair is celebrated with a typical north Indian flair with all that folk songs, dramas, dances, stalls selling various products, cultural events and wandering Sanyasis make the common sight during the fair.

The fair also paves a way to explore into the different side of the culture of rural Haryana.

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