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Mahavira Jayanti

Mahavira Jayanti

Mahavira Jayanti is celebrated In India by the Jain community as the bird date of the Mahavira, the founder of Jainism. The day has a lot of significance for the people of the religion. Mahavira in his whole life preached the real essence of life. He developed the thought of virtue and non-violence towards all living beings. He was the last Tirthankara.

The day is celebrated as the birth day of the Lord Mahavira and is teaching. The devotees celebrated the occasion with immense pleasure throughout the world. According to the Gregorian calendar, the Lord Mahavira’s birth anniversary is celebrated in late March or early April,

Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated the grand way across the world. The followers carry out processions on various different locations that include chariot, horses, elephants, drummers and chanters. People enchant prayers being the part of the procession. His preaching are also renounced on the day as a form of remembrance of Lord Mahavira. People do prepare special Mahavira Jayanti feasts at home on the day.

In India, Gujarat and Rajasthan are the major places celebrating the festival. On the day, followers give a ceremonial bath to the statue of Lord Mahavira in the morning which is called ‘abhishek’. The statue is then placed in a beautifully decorated cradle for procession.  Jain temples are all decorated in the most beautiful way on the day. The day ends with the prayers at the temple in front of the shrine.

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