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Madhav National Park

Madhav National Park

Madhav National Park is located in the district of Shivpuri, lies in the region of Gwalior forming the northwestern part of the central state of India, Madhya Pradesh. The national was used to be the hunting place of the Gwalior Royal Family and the British. The place has also been the ancestral home of the line of e Ali Khan, which is a region based in Punjab. The national park established as the Shivpuri National Park in 1958, along with the establishment of the Central State of Madhya Pradesh. Today the park is protected under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.

Madhav National Park is sprawled over an area of about 157 sq km, which houses a rich variety of flora and fauna. The national park also provides rare opportunities, which stands as an outstanding experience. Here, you can also spot a rich variety of avifauna.

The main species that can be found here in Madhav National Park includes the deer like Chinkara, the Indian gazelle, and the Chital. Other species in the park are Nilgai, Sambar, Chausingha or four-horned Antelope, Blackbuck, Sloth Bear, Leopard and the ubiquitous common Langur.

Also you can discover tiger, leopard, striped Hyaena, jackal Canis aureus, jungle cat chital Axis, sambar Cervus unicolor, nilgai Boselaphus tragocamelus, four-horned antelope Tetracerus quadricornis, wild boar Sus scrofa, chinkara Gazella, crocodile and many more.

The National park has an artificial lake, Chandpata, which stands as the winter home of geese, pochard, pintail, teal, mallard and gadwall. The site is also good place for bird watching. The national park also provides recreational facilities like boating.

The visiting timings of the park is between 6.30 am to 10 am or the late afternoon slot which is around between 2.30 pm to 6.00 pm. The entry fee of the park is 15 rupees for Indians and 150 rupees for foreigners.

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