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Lohagarh Fort

Lohagarh Fort

Lohagarh Fort, also known as the Iron fort, which is located at Bharatpur in the royal Indian state of Rajasthan. The palace was built by the Jat Rulers of Bharatpur in the 18th century. The daredevil ruler Maharaja Surag Mal commissioned the fort by using all his wealth and manpower for the good cause as he constructed many forts and palaces across his kingdom and one of them is the Lohagarh Fort, commonly known as Iron Fort, stands as one of the strongest forts in the country.

The fort of Lohagarh stands in the midst of calm and serene surroundings. The fort is set among the lush green vegetation and a man-made island. The fort also has three beautiful palaces namely the Kishori Mahal, Kothi Khas and Mahal Khas. These palaces imitate the magnificence and majesty of the then kings of Bharatpur. The founder of the fort, Maharaja Suraj Mal also constructed two lofty towers within its boundaries, which are named as Fateh Burj and Jawahar Burj. These elevating towers were built as to acclaim the victory over the British invaders.

The fort is surrounded and fortified by broad moat. The entrance gate of Lohagarh fort has a tale. The story goes like this that the entrance gate of the fort, actually belongs to the Chittorhgarh Fort, which was confiscated by Sultan Alauddin Khilji of Delhi.

The fort has two gates and out of which one stands in the north is known as Ashtdhaatu (eight metalled) gate while the other one is south-facing and is called as Chowburja (four-pillared) gate.

In the fort of Lohagarh, there were other forts built include Kishori Mahal, Mahal Khas and Kothi Khas. Moti Mahal with the lofty towers of Jawahar Burj and Fateh Burj were erected to memorialize the victory over the Mughals and the British army. The Gateway also has frescos of huge elephants. The fort also houses a government museum.

The fort can easily be reached via road from Jaipur, Agra Road and Bharatpur. The fort is open on all days except on Thursdays and Saturdays and the visiting time of the fort is from 10 AM to 4:30 PM.

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