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Lakshman Temple

Lakshman Temple

The massive structure in Khajaraho, Lakshmana temple is a striking edifice. This famous temple is well preserved on and it is believed that a trip to Khajuraho without visiting the Lakshmana Temple is incomplete. This east facing temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and has over 600 carved images of Gods and Goddesses, belonging to the Hindu Mythology. The temple stands facing the Varha and Devi Mandaps and is among the three largest temples of the western group of Khajuraho. Along with that the temple is also deemed to be the oldest temple and is believed to have been comstructed in 954 AD by the Chandella Rulers. The mounting temple measures to about 25.9 m in length.

The most gorgeous part of this temple is the format of sculptural beautification with delicate figurines of apsaras, the guardians of the directions and other divine creatures. Erotic section takes a center stage on the two balconies of the stone temple. On the western side of the temple, there are a few stupendous sculptures, which are represented here in the full length along with buxom, sybaritic forms of nude women with ornate jewelry.

The outer walls are all decorated with the erotic images with intricate details, displaying the union in the love making process. When you will enter in the temple you will find the raised area of the temple has been bedecked with the sculptural frescos of elephants and horsemen in pageant. Each corner in the stone temple is composed of an edging railing and an additional shrine. The sanctum holds a three-headed, four-armed figure of Vishnu as Vaikuntha. The temple wall also contains fine sculptures representing hunting and battle scenes, procession of elephants, horses and a variety of representations which includes domestic and erotic scenes.

An inscribed slab, which is unearthed at the base of the Lakshmana temple, is now fixed in the passage of the hall. The writings on it reveal that King Yasovardhan constructed out this beautiful mansion of Lord Vishnu. The Khajuraho group of temples has also been enlisted in the World Heritage List for its commendable universal significance and human creative brilliance.

The temple is opened from sunrise to sunset.

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