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Kumbha Mela

Kumbha Mela

Kumbh Mela claims to be a religious and cultural event, which is held once in 12 years. To attend the biggest fair marks as a lifetime opportunity to be a part of this mega worshipping event of saints, seers, philosophers, gurus, preachers, disciples, culture, religion and visitors. The city is observed with millions of devotees and pilgrims especially are seen dotted on the banks of the three major rivers, the Ganges, the river Shipra and the river Godavari, to take holy dip in the waters of these sacred rivers.

Along with the Ganges, the other holy rivers which converge are the Yamuna and the Saraswati. For the reason of the confluence (sangam) of these three rivers, the city of Allahabad is also called Sangam. The city of Allahabad gets a much hyped footage with millions of people gathered here on the land to take bath and wash away their sins. The city keeps a breaking record of assembling huge masses on the very event.

The event is also celebrated in Allahabad along with another holy city known as Haridwar in every six years, which is popularly known as Ardh (half) Kumbh Mela and the Purna (complete) Kumbh Mela is celebrated in every 12 years, which takes place in the city of Allahabad along with other three divine cities as Haridwar, Ujjain, Nashik.

The crowd especially comprises the holy saints, sadhus and religious devotees who visit and witness the mela from all across the country and abroad.

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