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Kudremukh Hill

Kudremukh Hill

Kudremukh, also spelled as Kuduremukha, is a mountain range in the district of Chikkamagalur, which falls in the Indian state of Karnataka. Kudremukh, literally means “horse face” and the hill station got this unique name from the exceptional shape it possesses which is familiar to that of a face of horse. This hill city is erected at an altitude of about 1894 m above the sea level.

This untouched land is truly a trekker’s paradise with its high range of broad hills that are chained into one another, along with deep valleys and steep cliffs. The land is all incorporated with lush green forests intermingled with streams, verdant slopes, charismatic cascades, exceptional orchids, caves, ruins along with the traces of old culture is all that you will encounter and experience while on your trekking tour on the hill side.

Kudremukh forms a part of the magnificent Western Ghats and is famous for its bio-diversity preservation; this hill city also stands among the twenty-five hot spots in the world. Kudremukh was also considered familiar to that of Samseparvata, for the reason it was taken from Samse village.

The hill spot is famous for mining ores as there is a company which produces ore situated in the city of Kudremukh itself and carries out functions like mining operations, purifications and transportation of the slurry to the Mangalore port through massive pipelines.

Today the hill city of Kundremukh stands with an honor of being one of the most thriving cities and making up with a modern township. These all changes and improvements are accredited to the ore company making profits and boosting the state’s economy and simultaneously giving a transforming change to the city as making it up with a township, which was once considered as the remote area of the Western Ghats.

The area is an affluent one with picturesque beauty, wildlife and is flanked by natural dense forests. This hill city also stands as the spot for the origin of three very well known rivers – the Nethravathi, the Tunga and the Bhadra.  The city also hosts an incredible Varaha statue which stands at a height of 6 feet and is placed inside an ancient cave and a temple of goddess Bhagavath, is also a sores of attracting the tourists.

The region was declared as the Reserve Forest by the British administration in order to preserve the Western Ghats from burning down the forests and deforestation. Recently it was declared as a Tiger Reserve under the Bhadra Tiger Sanctuary. The animals found here include the Malabar civet, wild dogs, sloth bear and spotted deer among others. The drive through the forest ranges is scenic.  Kadambi waterfalls also make an excellent tourist spot here in the city.

The other excursions are the Hanumana Gundi Waterfalls that pours down onto natural rock formations from an elevation of over 100 feet.  The hills also provide opportunity for trekking activities. Presently there are about 13 trek routes in Kudremukh. In its close proximity there are other places that can interests the tourists and these are Gangamoola and Jamalabad Fort.

Kudremukh is accessible via flights, trains and buses. The nearest airport is at Mangalore, 130 km away and the nearest international airport is at Bangalore at a distance of around 350 km. The nearest railhead is Mangalore. Kudremukh can also be reached by KSRTC and private buses from Bangalore and other cities in the state. The best time to visit Kudremukh is between October and May.

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