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Kota is an important tourist destination in Rajasthan state of India. The river Chambal flows through the city making Kota fertile and finest place to grow various crops. Kota is known for its various industries and has a lot of them. The city also takes part in trading various products such as millet, wheat, rice, pulses, coriander and oilseeds. Kota is very well known and is the major contributing city in Rajasthan state.  It is the centre for many industrial activities. Kota has its great historical significance and is famous for various beautiful monuments and palaces. The city is centre for various Rajputs. There are numbers of gardens and temples. The stunning places to visit in Kota attract large number of tourist every year. Kota tour packages provide amazing experience of being in the city.

The city is also famous for its educational institutes. The destination is the hotspot for large number of students appearing for various examinations. There are very well known educational institutions in the city.

General Facts aboutKota
Location: Western India
Area: 202.5 km2 (78.2 sq mi)
Language: Hindi
Climate: Semi arid climate
Major Attractions: Jag Mandir, Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary, Godawari Dham, Chambal garden
Ideal Time to Visit: October to February

Places to visit inKota
Kota is a stunning places that attracts large number of tourist. There are many famous hotspots to visit in the city. Godavari Dham Temple, Agamgarh Saheb Gurudwara, Adharshila Dargah, Badoli Temples, Khare Ganesha Temple, Tirupati Balaji Temple and Karneshwar (Temple) are the well built and captivating temples of Kota. The best way to explore the city is through Kota travel and tourism.The amazing city has some very well known monuments and palaces that are of high visual treat to the tourists.  Other than that, there are various picnic spots that are of great enjoyment to the people of every age group. Some of the famous names includeUmeed Bhawan Palace, Chambal Garden, Traffic Park, Chatra Vilas Udyan, the Keshar Bagh (garden famous for its royal cenotaphs), Kala Khet (picnic spot), Gapernath and Bheetariya Kund. Along with these, Darrah National Park, Bhanvarkunj (Chambal waterfall) and Ranthambore Tiger Reserve are the other important tourist attractions in Kota. Moving ahead, Gumanpura and Kotri Road are the major shopping areas in the city where you can buy some good stuff. The more you get close to the city the more you get fascinated towards the place. The place is the real heritage of Rajasthani culture and has is great significance to the state.

Climate ofKota
Kota favors semi arid type of climate and is a very hot place. In summers the temperatures reaches to its highest and it is not suitable time to visit in Kota. In winters the temperatures lies in between 26.7°C (max) to 12°C (min). Winters are best to explore this city i.e. during the months of October to February.

How to reach Kota

Kota by Air: There is no such airport in Kota. The nearest railway station to the Kota is in Jaipur city which is 240km away. You can fly up till Jaipur and then you can take bus or taxi to reach Kota.

Kota by Rail: Kota railway station leads you to the Kota city is well connected with all the major parts of the country. You can reach the station via many trains that are served from all other states and cities. Kota travel and tourism is the superb means of travelling in Kota.

Kota by Road: Kota is well connected with other cities through the vast roadways network. One can also travel the city on road. The government bus services are available for the city. Also, you can travel to Kota via personal car or any other vehicle of your own.

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