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Kishtwar National Park

Kishtwar National Park

The Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir in India has an important national park called as Kishtwar National Park. The national park came into existence on 4 February 1981. The land of this park is surrounded by Rinnay River on its north, and Kibar Nala catchment on the south. The east of the park has the main divide of Great Himalaya and west has Marwa River. The place is available with tocks and marble all around. The land is steep and rugged.

Travelling to major Kishtwar valley is one of the superb tourists attraction near Kishtwar National Park. The area lies in the Central Crystalline belt of the Great Himalayas. The climate is cold and features snowfall in December and January months in winters.

Kishtwar National Park is available with 13 different varieties of vegetation. The most amazing and a must to see is the small expanse of chilgoza pine Pinus geradiana in the Dachan Range. Other important floral species found here are cedar and blue pine, and moist temperate deciduous forest, represented by horsechestnut, Aesculus indica, walnut Juglans regia, maple, Acer spp. poplar, Populus ciliata, hazel Corylus cornutam bird cherry Pasus corfnuta, ash Fraxinus cornuta and yew Taxus wallichiana. Avail Kishtwar National Park tour packages to explore more of this fabulous place. Along with that, animals such as Himalayan Snowcock and the brown bear have their home ground at Kishtwar National Park. Tourists can have great time explore various amazing species of flora and fauna at the national park. The climatic conditions at the park make the travel more interesting to the tourists. The park has a lot to explore for everyone. There are various other places to visit around Kishtwar National Park. Kishtwar National Park travel and tourism provides the best experience to be at such a wonderful place.

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