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Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary

Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary

Established in 1987 as a protected area, this lake named Kanwar Taal is positioned at the district of Begusarai, forms a part of Indian state of Bihar and is towards the north of the town of Begusarai at about 22 km away. The lake is sprawled over an area of about 67.5 sq km and is the Asia’s largest freshwater oxbow lake.

It is believed that this lake of Kanwar Taal has been created by the winding thruway of the Burhi Gandak River. When estimated its size, the lake measure its size as the three times more of size of the Bharatpur Sanctuary in Rajasthan.

Famous ornithologist Salim Ali has declared that, here in the lake during the winter season, the migratory birds counting to 60, visit the lake all the way from Central Asia and provides a dazzling nest to around 106 species of resident birds and stands as an important part of the ecological pyramid. At the Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary you will find the birds in vast number dotting in and around the pond, making a perfect spot for bird watching and photography.

The lake has abundant of flora and fauna, making it as a nature’s heaven under the blue sky. Some of the species of birds are oriental white-backed vulture, long-billed vulture, greater adjutant, greater spotted eagle, lesser kestrel, sarus crane, darter anhinga, painted stork and black-bellied tern, Yellow Throated Sparrow, Purple Rumped Sunbird, Magpie Robin, Jungle Babbler, Tailor Bird, Black Drongo, Bush Lark, Palm Swift, Spotted Owlet, Painted Snipe, Red Wattled Lapwing, Crested Serpent Eagle, Black Winged Kite and Black Red Start.

The flora that has been sprawled within the park comprises of Bamboo, Neem, Sissoo, Sohar, Siris, Imili, Khajur, Tar and Babool. The wildlife here in the Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary comprises Rhesus Macaque, Indian Fox, Palm Squirrel, Jackals, Common Mongoose and Nilgai. The area also provides space to the reptiles which inclides Tortoises, Water Snakes, Dhaman, Krait, Cobra and Lizards. The Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary offers shell to over 40 species of fishes and prospers in the lake.

The town of Begusarai has a direct link with NH 28 & 31and within the state this town is well linked with the other cities through a State Highway Road network. The nearest airfield is at Patna and if you want to visit the city through rail, the city itself has a railhead.

While planning to visit the city consider the winter months as in winters the climate is quite pleasant and moderate, especially in the months from November till February.

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