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Kampil Fair

Kampil Fair

The state of Uttar Pradesh is well known for its rich and varied religious heritage. People from all religions co-exist in peaceful harmony in this state. It abounds in places of religious importance as well. There are a large number of Jain Shrines that speak of the state’s close association with this religion of peace and non violence.

The Kampil Fair claims to be a fair of the Jains, which is held annually at the place called Kampil, formerly known as Kampiya lies in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The name of the fair has been derived from the very place where it is celebrated. This Jain Fair is organized and celebrated with great enthusiasm in the month of March and the places of Kampil is all jam packed with the Jain devotes.

Kampil is an ancient historical town and is also mentioned in the epics. The place was earlier the capital of King Draupad.  Kampil is the birth place of the thirteenth tirthankara, Brahlan Vimal Nath. Also Lord Mahavira visited the place, which lies in the district of Farrukabad as this fair paves the way to celebrate and rejoice the visit of this great man of virtue.

The five day long Kampil Fair attracts huge masses, each year. The fair also stands to be the meeting ground of many Jain devotees. This colorful carnival is witnessed by all of them. The people also take part in various activities; purchase various products. This five day carnival is truly a delightful treat for especially the Jains and gives them an insight of the cultures of Jains.

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