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Kalinjar Fort

Kalinjar Fort

105 kms from the Khajuraho in Uttar Pradesh, India situated on an 800 feet (244 meter) high hill top is the Kalinjar Fort. It is believed that the fort was built by the Chandela king Kedar Burman in the 9th century CE. Ruled by various Hindu dynasties, the Kalinjar Fort later went into the hands of Muslims. In 1812 it fell into the hands of troops of the British East India Company.

Kalinjar Fort has seven gates namely the Alamgir Darwaza, Ganesh Dwar, Chauburji Darwaza, Buddha Bhadra Darwaza, Hanuman Dwar, Lal Darwaza and Bara Darwaza. Part from that, there are various different buildings in the Fort. Built by the Chandelas, who were the followers of Lord Shiva the fort also accumulates the deities of various other gods. The Neelkanth Mahadev temple is one of the most impressive architecture Chandelas have displayed in the kalinjir Fort.

Kalinjir Fort is an amazing historical place to be visited by history and architectural enthusiasts. Kalinjir Fort travel and tourism is the great way of travelling to this wonderful place. The best time to visit the fort is during the months of August to March. Kalinjar in an ancient language means ‘the destroyer of time’, but visiting such an important historical place is definitely a great use of time.

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