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Kalesar National Park

Kalesar National Park

Kalesar National Park is located in one of the district of Haryana, Yamunanagar. Sprawling over an area of about 11570 acres nestles in the foothills of Shivalik range of the Himalayas. It is also famous for its wildlife and species. The park is positioned 150 kms away from Chandigarh, sharing its boundaries with three states viz., Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Uttar Pradesh. The Yamuna River forms its boundary in the east with Uttar Pradesh, the main Shivalik ridge separates state’s boundary in Haryana, with Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal in the north.

It is believed that Kalesar National Park was named after the Mahakaleshwer Nav grah Temple on the Jagadhri Ponta Road, located in the protected area. It was declared a Sanctuary on 13th December 1996 and was given the status of National Park on 8th December 2003.

The park stands in the category one of the best parks in the country. The park is basically meant for the protection of the rare species and possesses the boundaries of pillars and rivers. The park attracts adventure lovers by hosting various activities like fishing, trekking, sightseeing, swimming, bird watching and safari.

In this park you will have a view of rare species like the tree pie, Horn bills, Blue Peafowl, Drongo, partridges. The Neelgai (Blue Bull), Kakad or Barking deer, Monkeys, Jackal Chital are also found here. This forest is swathed over 5100 hectars and is the only Sal forest zone in Haryana. There are quite a number of trees, flowering trees in the Kalesar National Park, including Dhak, Kachnar and Amaltas. The park mainly has Sal trees, Khair, Shisam, Tun, Sain & Amla trees.

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