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Jahangir Palace

Jahangir Palace

Nestled in the cradle of architectures, Agra and is placed in the Agra fort itself. The largest palace in the entire fort has been constructed for the most favorite son of the Mughal Emperor, Akbar. Thus the palace came to known by the name as Jahangir Palace. The palace used to be the private residence for Akbar’s son Jahangir.

The palace of Jahangir incorporates a unique combination of the Hindu architectural style and that of the Central Asian architectural style; which was something very rare to find during that period of time as making a complete contrast to the Mughal Architectural Style. Thus, the palace marked an exclusive addition to the fort. It was designed in such a way as to provide ultimate luxury and comfort to the prince.

Within the fort there are other palaces as the private room for Shah Jahan, the beautiful Khas Mahal. The Khas Mahal is a gorgeous structure and was created out of expensive white marble. The marble rendered the rooms a cooling effect even in the scorching summer. There was another chamber called as Shish Mahal, which was constructed with mirrors everywhere on the walls and was used as the dressing room in the harem. Jodhabai, Jehangirs mother and the wife of the king Akbar was a Hindu by religion had her dressing room in the Shish Mahal, which was designed in the Hindu style.

There was a typical Mughal garden, which is positioned within the area, which used to provide a space in nature to the Mughal Rulers. The garden is also recognized with a name of Anguri Bagh for the reason; it had a series of trees that grew grapes, actually loads of grapes. There was a colossal bowl that was carved out of a single stone, which was erected just in front of the Palace known as the Hauz-i-Jehangiri. The site is worth visiting as it speaks volume about the Mughal lifestyle and its culture.

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