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Hemis National Park

Hemis National Park

Hemis National Park Hemis National Park is an amazing adventure destination for the nature lovers. The national park is situated in the eastern Ladakh region of the Jammu and Kashmir state if India. It is the only national park in the north of the Himalayas and is the largest protected area in India.

The park is the home for various interesting species of animals. One of the endangered species snow leopards can be seen with an ease in the park. The park is located on the banks of Indus River towards its north. Tourists at Hemis National Park can have a look on wide variety of wildlife along with the mountains and an amazing nature’s beauty all around. Apart from that, there are many other interesting places to visit nearby Hemis national park. The park is spread in an area of 600sq. Km and is at the distance of 40Km from Jammu and Kashmir. The climate at the park remains cold for almost throughout the year. In winters, the temperature sometimes even drops below freezing point with snow all around. The park is available with the dry forests of juniper, fir, alpine grasslands, birch, and scrublands. Wildlife includes the animals that are mostly found in the coldest climate and in snow. Some of the endangered species of snow leopard and other such animals are found here. Hemis National Park travel and tourism is one of the great ways of exploring the park.Tibetan wild or kiang, serow, ibex, Tibetan antelope, red fox, Pallas cat, srapu, bharal, rhesus macaque, Tibetan argali Hanuman languor, marmot, wolf, and Ladakh urial etc are some of the amazing tourists attractions of Hemis National Park.

The park has a lot to find for tourists one can have great time to be at such a bounteous place. The floral species at Hemis National park comprises of sparse grasslands, Ephedra herbaceous vegetation, Astragalus, Junipers, Salix, Leortopodium, Myricaria, Poplar, Birch, Taraxacum and many more. Hemis National Park travel tour packages will let you explore all above and a lot more.

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