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Hamirsar Lake

Hamirsar Lake

Hamirsar Lake is one of the most beautiful man-made Lakes situated in the centre of the Bhuj Town in Gujarat state of India.  The lake is 450 years older and is named after Jadeja ruler Rao Hamir whgo was also the ruler of the Bhuj. The lake was built under the Rao Khengarji I during 1548 to 1585. The lake was named after the Rao Khengarji’s  father Rao Hamir. The lake is built stupendously and it has all spell binding all around. The river is spread over 83 acres and has an attraction of breathe taking mid garden that resembles the view of kankaria Lake in Ahmedabad.

Hamirsar Lake is popular amongst tourists where one can enjoy swimming or just sitting besides water. Walking along with the river is the other good option to enjoy the pleasantness of the lake and view that the area is surrounded with. Aina Mahal, Prag Mahal, Kutch Museum, Alfred High School are some of the famous places in the city that are located at the eastern edge of the lake. The Lake also serves the water needs of the people in Bhuj city. There are various other places to visit around Hamirsar Lake for tourists. Hamirsar Lake tour package is an amazing option to travel down to the place.

The place is excellent to enjoy the cool breeze in the hot afternoons in the city. Hamirpur Lake is an ideal spot to be hit by tourists. There are many other tourist attractions nearby Hamirsar Lake. The destination provides an amazing calmness that lets you relieve all your stress gained in our daily life. It’s a must place to visit for all. The lake has a charm that binds you with it for hours. Hamirpur travel and tourism is an interesting way to discover the lake.

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