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Guruvayur Temple

Guruvayur Temple

The Guruvayur temple or can say Guruvayoor Sree Krishna Temple, stands as one of the most important and sacred shrines of Kerala. According to the legends, the temple is about 5,000 years old. The temple is positioned in the Guruvayur town of the district of Thrissur in Kerala and is accessible through both road and rail. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord MahaVishnu, appearing in the standing posture with four hands carrying Sankhu (conch), Sudarshana chakram (a serrated disk), lotus and mace. He is worshipped as Balakrishna; an incarnation or the Purnaavatara of Mahavishnu .The idol is made of a rare stone known as Patala Anjana. The ramparts of the temple are all embellished with frescos and other intricate carvings.

Guruvayur Temple is supposed to have been 5,000 years old. In the ancient times, the temple was recognized as “Bhooloka Vaikunta” the abode of God on earth. The name of the temple Guruvayur has been derived from two words, ‘Guru’ the preceptor of the gods and Vayu the God of winds. The temple is a dedication to Lord Krishna and is also named as Guruvayoorappan. Due to its admiration, Guruvayur Temple is also known as Dakshina Dwaraka’ the Southern Dwarka. Thrissur railway station is just at a distance of 29 km from the temple.

Festivals such as Ulsavam, Vishu, Ashtami Rohini, Mandalam, Ekadasi, Ashtami Rohini, Kuchelas Day, Chembai Music Festival and Narayaneeyam day are the main events, celebrated in a grand style here at Guruvayur Temple. On special occasions, the sacred idols from the etmle are brought out to take in a parade in Guruvayur town.

The structure of the temple is inspired from the typical Kerala temple architecture. The temple is believed to have been designed by the divine architect, Vishwakarma. It is also believed that the temple has been put up in such a way that Sun God, Surya himself pays homage to Vishnu on Vishu day. On this occasion, the first beam of the Sunlight falls directly at the feet of Vishnu.

Other attractions in the temple are Chuttambalam is a gold-plated dhwajastambham or flag-mast, which stretches to the height of 33.5 meters. The dipastambham or the pillar of lamps is another attraction which makes the ambience look mesmerizing when lightened in the evenings. It was here the golden slokas of Narayaniyam were written, in the praise of Lord Guruvayur.

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