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Gulbarga Fort

Gulbarga Fort

Nestled in the city of Gulbarga, which forms a part of the south Indian state of Karnataka, Gulbarga Fort was originally constructed by Raja Gulchand, in the year 1347 and later it was fortified by the first Sultan, Sikandar-i-Sani. The fort is strtched over an area of 38,000 sq km and is an extensive piece of art depicting the times of 14th century.

After few years, the fort was conquered by Al-ud-din Bahmani of the Bahmani Dynasty. The fort is placed in the northern part of the state of Karnataka. It stands as one of the refined examples of the ancient Islamic architecture in the state of Karnataka.

The place where the fort has been positioned is an old provincial town called Gulbarga. The Bahmani dynasty ruled over the place for about 200 years having Gulbarga as the capital of their kingdom. Thus, the fort stands as one of the most outstanding monuments in the state of Karnataka. This great historical monument was destroyed by Krishnadevaraya of the kingdom of Vijayanagar. It was Adil Shah who renovated and refurbished it after plundering and capturing it from Vijayanagar.

This 14th century Gulbarga fort incorporates the great grand edifices inside the fort premises such as 15 towers, lofty buildings, temples, stables, ammunition dumps, carriages, 26 guns and a number of stunning courtyards. This colossal ancient structure is a reflection of the magnificence of Bahamani dynasty. This 14th century Gulbarga fort has always remained untouched by enemy armed forces.

Gulbarga Fort has also been acknowledged as a national monument by the ASI. It is under the supervision of the acts like The Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Remains Act of 1958. The other excursions within the fort are like, abandoned Vishnu temple, Jama Masjid built by Mohammed I, second ruler of Bahamani Kingdom, the `Rana Mandala`, the cannons, horse and elephant stables. The Haft-Gumbaz, mausoleum of Feroze Shah and family, the Sultan Hasan`s tomb, the tomb of Ghias-ud-din and many other are a must visit spots within the fort.

Gulbarga is accessible via Bijapur, Bidar or straightly from Bangalore through roadways. Flights are available from Hyderabad.

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