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Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival

February heralds the most awaited carnival of the western India at Goa. The world wide popular carnival of Goa is annually celebrated in the month of February. The petite state of Goa is festooned with bright colors and this festival fetches in the celebration to be continued round the clock.

Held in the mid of February, the carnival is actually a four day event, which is almost stretched to a week encompasses the commanding colorful parades, floats, along with the playing of guitars, elegant dances and the non-stop festivity. This fun filled carnival comes out with assorted colors of Goa and sweeps away the local as well foreign folks with its charm and charisma, in its parades and swaggers.

The carnival holds the tourism capacity as it draws local as well as the foreign tourists in it charm, standing as a complete sell out event. This carnival has been brought into the state by the Portuguese, who ruled the territory over 500 years, which dates back top again 500 years ago.

The carnival displays an amalgamation of the assorted population which absorbed Hindu tradition revelry, western dance forms, and turned into a pageantry of sorts. Though the festival has been started by the locals of Goa, but it today has crossed the borders as the carnival is celebrated and rejoiced by the people from all across the world.

The festival is celebrated at the triumph of the legendary king Momo over the state, this event is celebrated under the open sky by indulging the streets with color and music. Following this, there begins a week long festivity, which has celebrated in the place since the 18th century.

There is a hard core feasting-drinking-merrymaking orgy just before the austere 40 days of Lent. The carnival concludes with the famous red-and-black dance held by the Club National in Panajim on the concluding day of the carnival. This festival of gay desertion and violent carousing today attracts thousands of locals and tourists in Goa from all over India.

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