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Church of St. Augustine

Church of St. Augustine

The Church of St Augustine stands as one of the oldest monuments in the Indian state of Goa and was constructed by the joint efforts of 12 Augustian Friars on their arrival at Goa, which dates to 3rd September 1572 AD.

They built the church on the Holy Hill at Old Goa and the construction of the church was completed in 1602 AD. Later on an outlaw was issued against the Augustines by the Portuguese government, which made Augustines to abandon the church and the convent, which stood alongside the church.

Today, both the church and the convent are in ruins. However, there is a lofty bell which ranges to about 46 m high bell tower, from the ground. This Bell Tower too is in a devastating condition as it does not have a bell, standing the evidence of the ruins. Then in 1841, this bell was taken away to the Fort Aguada Light House and kept there, till 1871 AD. In the very year only, in 1871, the bell was shifted to the church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception at Panaji and till today, the bell is in a working condition there only.

The bell tower that remains among the ruins belongs to one of the four of the St. Augustine Churchs that once stood there. In the glory days, the bell used to be attached to one of the four churches of St. Augustine. The four altars, eight chapels, and a convent with many cells were all attached together. The Church of St Augustine, when was integral, was supposed to be the biggest in Goa. It is said that the frontage and half of the tower fell in 1931; and in 1938 there was little more collision of the church. The buildings were in neglect, thus resulted in the collapse of the mausoleum on 8 September 1842. As a result, the Government appropriated the property and sold the relics of the church in 1843.

The other churches of architectural splendor in Goa include the St. Cajetan Church, Lady of the Mount of Carmel Church, St. Anthony’s church, Reis Magos church, Church of St. Alex, St. Anne’s church etc.

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