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Brahma Sarovar

Brahma Sarovar

As the name suggests, the Brahma Sarovar is closely associated with Lord Brahma, the creator of universe. In compliance with the Hindu scriptures, after yajna Lord Brahma created the universe by starting off with the land of Kurukshetra. It is believed that the cradle for the civilization is the Brahma Sarovar.

The water body is traced from the 11th century’s book Kitab-ul-Hind written by Alberuni. The Sarovar encircles quite a number of holy shrines creating a pious environment for the people. The Sarovar is also talked about in the eleventh century AD journals of Al Beruni.

The pious water body is 1800 m long and incorporates 1400 m breadth. It is believed that a holy dip in the pure waters of Brahma Sarovar, during the eclipse release all the sins made by the respective person.

The Sarovar is dedicated to Lord Shiva and if you visit here, you will find an idol of Him, standing within at its center. In compliance with the scriptures, having a bath in this Sarovar increases the sanctity and purifies the soul and body. The Sarovar looks mesmerizing especially during the Gita Jayanti celebrations, which held annually during the months of November and December with ‘deep daan’ and ‘aarti’. The Birla Gita Mandir and Baba Nath’s haveli and temple are the neighboring attractions, for which you can take an excursion while visiting Brahma Sarovar.

This place has its own dignity and is famous of its purity. Brahma Sarovar is constructed in a very wide area with having a temple in the middle of the Sarovar revealing its beauty and sacredness. This glorious lake has its own importance, as it is believed that the Sarovar took its shape, when the Lord Brahma was sitting in the middle of the lake and today a temple happened to be there.

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