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Bhatinda Fort

Bhatinda Fort

Bhatinda Fort bears a resemblance to a ship in a sea of sand. It is situated in Bhatinda District of the state of Punjab. Bhatti Reo built the fort at an altitude of about 39 m. As such, 1800 years ago the Bhatinda Fort emerged in Amritsar.

The rebels imprisoned Razia Sultana, the first woman ruler of India during 1236 AD, in this fort. In 1754, Maharaj Ala Singh of Patiala captured the fort. The fort houses a Gurudwara, built in memory of Guru Gobind Singh. The bricks of the fort traces the time of Kushana period when emperor Kanishka ruled over India.

Bhatinda Fort is reputed to have been survived the period of Raja Deb 3rd century, one of the ancestors of Vinaipal, is at present in a ramshackle state. Bhatinda derived its name from a tribe, which ruled the area at that point of time called as The Bhattis.

The fort had served as the twin capital, the other being Lahore of the Pal dynasty, who lost it to the Gazhnavis, the invaders from Afghanistan. The Governor of Bhatinda fort, Kutub Ud – din Aibak subsequently, became the Sultan of Delhi.

With the passage of time in the mid 18th Century, the fort passed on, in the hands of Sikh Rulers of Patiala. Maharaja Karam Singh of Patiala renamed it as Gobindgarh, in commemoration of the apparent visit of the tenth guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singhji.

Even today, This fort houses two Gurudwaras inside its premises and the Nishaan Sahib, a tall flag pole, with a sword on the top of one of the Gurudwaras was erected by the grateful members of Sikh Infantry on their return from the First World War.

The fort is strongly built, to defend itself and hold on to its own, against any attack. There are 32 bastions with the largest measuring 290 feet is at the top. With its magnificence, legacy, sacred impression and mysterious appearance, Bhatinda Fort attracts large number of tourists, round the year.

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