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Atala Masjid

Atala Masjid

Atala Masjid built in the 15th century in Jaunpur which falls in the Indian state of Utaar Pradesh which stands on the site of a Hindu temple of Atala Devi. One of the main highlights of Jaunpur was built in the year 1408 by Sultan Ibrahim (1401-1440), Sharqi Sultan of Jaunpur. The mosque was built on the laid foundations laid of Tughluqid Sultan Firuz Shah III (1351-1388) and bears the evidences of that time. There are series of pillars, brackets, lintels and flat ceilings that have been taken from Hindu monuments.

The mosque complex has a stretched rectangular prayer hall opens to a large four-sided figured courtyard in its western direction. The courtyard is encircled by a two-story veranda outside the hall, which is used by merchants and visitors. The entry to the mosque can be made from the three domed gates facing north, east and west. The upper story used to be reserved for women. The mosque takes in, the western side of the courtyard having its frontage with an imposing central doorway, which is elevated at a height of about 23 m, which is surrounded by other secondary doorways.

There is a safe haven behind the central doorway, with two long three-bay deep galleries that are positioned to its north and south. The dome of the main haven is raised on an octagonal drum and due to its great height; it is not visible from the courtyard, marking a great and a distinctive mark as the element of Jaunpuri architecture.

In the interiors of this main safe haven, the hall is engraved with stone mihrab along with a ribbed semi-dome, which is all surrounded by the stone minbar. The decoration is done mainly by carved floral patterns. The structure of the gallery has two-floors and is centered on domed rooms and courtyard entrance. The flat ceilings are held on twin columns and beams which are placed on brackets. The three domed rooms is a remarkable milestone of Delhis Tughluqid architecture. The complete construction of the mosque is created out of gray sandstone and granite.

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