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Allahabad Fort

Allahabad Fort

The Allahabad Fort of the very city of Allahabad happens to stand in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and was constructed in the year 1583 by Emperor Akbar. The fort is nestled in a close proximity to the banks of the river Yamuna. This grand fort of Allahabad Fort stands as one of the largest forts built during Akbars reign. The Allahabad Fort of Uttar Pradesh stands out for its matchless architectural design and craftsmanship. There are three wonderful galleries laid by high towers inside the Allahabad Fort.

Allahabad Fort of Allahabad stands tall foretelling the legend of the past. The Mughal Emperor, Akbar built the Fort in 1583. Allahabad Fort is constructed on the banks of the river Yamuna and happens to be the largest Fort ever built by Akbar.

The colossal fort is erected on the banks of the river Yamuna near the confluence with river Ganges and foretells the legends of the past. At present, the fort is employed and used by the Indian army leaving just a small portion of land that is open for the visitors.

The outer walls of the Allahabad Fort are erected above the level of water. In the interiors of the fort there stands Saraswati Koop, which is one of the most popular attractions of the fort and acts as the sorce of the river Saraswati. There are famous temples like Patalpuri and Akshaya Vat also known as immortal Banyan tree are also situated in the interiors of the fort. The fort also holds Ashoka Pillar, which is traced from the period of Mauryan Empire in 232 B.C, erected at an elevation of about 10.6 m. this one is surely a fort to visit and have an insight of the legends.

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